Compilação - Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 8

Cálculo de frete:

k-7 original 1986


A1 Urovisions Frontal Rizotto Theme 2:25
A2 Los Paranos The Power-Saw 5:45
A3 Abner Malaty I Thought 1:30
A4 The Dead Goldfish Ensemble Ring Of Change 1:45
A5 Syndrome (8) The Factory Scream 2:40
A6 Human Flesh New Toy/New Joy 3:50
A7 Quite Ridiculous Nonsense Mi 3:10
A8 Instead Of The Moon 3:40
A9 The Horsemen Virgin Hermits 3:40
B1 Reportaz* Stained Glass 8:35
B2 Jarboe Runaway 4:10
B3 Violeta Dinescu New Rochelle (Part 1) 6:10
B4 Mullah Howling Wolf 2:45
B5 Reportaz* Superfluous Man's Epitaphium 3:55
B6 Nomuzic Lickit E Split 3:00